Area 5

DronePort is situated in the heart of a region known for excellent fruit and agriculture.

Together with PC Fruit (Living Lab for Fruit & agriculture applications and research) and in close collaboration with VITO (strategic research center) and KU Leuven (university) there are numerous options available to test your agriculture applications in real life.

UAV Agriculture



Operational Requirements



  • 58ha of experimental fields
  • Crops: apple, pear, cherry, vineyards, berries, strawberry
  • Continuous field trials
  • Irrigation & drought trials
  • Fertilization trials
  • Disease, Pest & weed trials
  • Various cropping & pruning systems
  • Follow up of phenological development & production
  • Connection to ground data validation
  • Open database: field parameters, production, quality, fertilization, soil, disease, pest, weather, …