Welcome in our Droneport INCUBATOR

Welcome in our Droneport INCUBATOR

DronePort Incubator is the place to be in Europe to kick start your UAS/Drone business.

We offer an inspiring and creative place to work for startups and project teams developing drones, components, sensor technology, software or providing services in this new market.

Flexible testing of your products and services is critical in an early development stage. Therefore, you can also benefit from easy access to the different test sites so you don’t lose time to market. And last but not least we also offer access to a network community, and a community of coaches and mentors inspiring you and helping you grow your business.

In short, everything you need to set up and grow your UAV business!

Part of something bigger

At DronePort our Incubator is in the heart of something bigger!

We promote cross fertilization between startups, established companies, research and even connection with aviation enthousiasts. As a member of our incubator you are on a front row seat to get inspired, connect and collaborate with other organizations on site.

Part of something bigger

Who’s on board?

Who’s on board?

Our incubator is open for applications from drone service providers, application developers and aerospace hardware or component manufacturers wanting to launch their business or collaborate on innovative projects.

DronePort Incubator is the place to be...

  • for (tech)startups with growth potential in the UAV industry.
  • For Research organizations and project teams collaborating on innovative projects in the aerospace industry
  • For established companies wanting to connect to the UAS startup scene and get a taste of the possibilities and opportunities
  • For individuals wanting to discover the potential of this new industry

Why get on board?

There is a lot more than a desk!

We offer a lot more than just an inspiring place to organize your work. In collaboration with our incubator network partners DronePort Incubator also provides:

  • access to interesting workshops and trainings
  • connection to renomated research providers to support your company
  • connection to end-users and potential customers looking for solutions in this market
  • local and international business development support
  • access to finance & funding opportunities
  • a network of experts and mentors to help your company take its first flight
  • priviledged access to all test ranges
  • shared office management services so you can focus on what realy matters
  • and off course a community of companies active in the same industry to share, collaborate and learn from each other

Just get on board and join our next flight!

Want to find out more?

Drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!