The Drone Pilot Academy of SYNTRA Limburg in Genk campus you will be trained theoretically and practically in a professional environment to drone pilot class 1 or 2 for the Belgian legislation. Operate as a drone pilot class 1 offers you many professional opportunities.

 A drone pilot class 1 can deliver incredibly professional photos or video, but you may also be asked for control of pipelines, industrial plants, chemical infra-structure, agriculture inspections or for security purposes, etc ... As drone pilot class 1 can work up at a height of 90m AGL with a drone to MTM max 150 kg.

Operate as a drone pilot Class 2 can be mainly concerned with making professional photos or video to a height of up to 45m AGL with a drone with a maximum take-off mass of 5 kg. Note that the options are much more limited than in Class 2 to Class 1.

Besides the drone training class 1 and 2, there are many other specialized courses on drone offered including: mapping, photometry, scanning structure, maintaining a drone, build yourself a drone, broadcast video technology, etc ...

The drone training be given in full-time education and in evening training. More information about this booming courses listed on our website.

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