* we are a high-tech company in drone systems and drone solutions

* we are a multi-product and multi-service drone company representing true added-value for its clients

* we aim to facilitate the usage of drones by innovative products and services

* we make drones accessible for professionals

* we ensure a safe and secure flight using artificial drone technology

Our products

The TYTHUS is our drone on a cable.

It's a versatile drone attached to a cable that delivers power to the drone and gets the sensor data back to the ground. Depending on its configuration, the TYTHUS is the ideal for:

  • Semi-permanent camera
  • Camera for quick interventions
  • 360 degrees video

The YOSHUA is a particularly intelligent piece of hardware connected to a community platform, which aims to provide a safe and insured drone-flight experience; something that is currently awaited by many a future drone user.

The YACOB is a drone in a docking station. YACOB can operate fully or semi-autonomous. 

YACOB can be triggered automatically by events like intrusion detection sensors and will perform dedicated tasks during its mission.


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