Argus Vision

Argus Vision

Argus Vision: 3D Scanning with UAV’s

Argus Vision enables the inspection of high and inaccessible structures (eg wind turbines, pylons, flare tips, bridges, ...) in a 3D environment. Argus Vision is a service company that uses UAVs (also called "drones") to scan these structures in high resolution. The scan data is processed into a millimetre-accurate 3D model that can then be inspected through an online platform by our customer; anywhere, anytime.

Because of the separation between scanning with UAV’s on one hand and the online inspection platform on the other, Argus Vision is uniquely positioned in the market:

  • Separation between observation and inspection:
    • The safety of the inspector: rope-access or crane techniques are no longer needed; the inspector can perform his work in his office.
    • The inspector no longer influences the data-collection: The entire situation isrecorded during each scan.
    • A second opinion only requires a few clicks.
  • A 4th dimension, time, complements the inspection. This gives a better understanding of damage progression, which can be used to schedule maintenance more efficiently.

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